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Bill Popejoy

My Newest Camera

Bill Popejoy, CUGG

March 2002

I just ordered a new digital camera.  I finally gave up on getting one that starts at 28mm.  There are now 4 such cameras.  All but one is very expensive.  None has a "Good" image.  What is the use of a camera that does not give a sharp, clear, good color image?
So I decided on the Canon PowerShot G2.  The only problem is that there aren't any available.  Won't be for 3 or 4 weeks.

So today I ordered a Canon PowerShot S30, a 3+ MP camera.

Here is the agonizing part.  I thought I would save money by going online and ordering the least expensive one.  I tried several such places and several camera stores that advertised in Popular Photography.  What I found was that the "advertised price" was for a "Gray Market" camera.  Only an idiot would buy a digital camera that does not have a USA Warranty.  The Canon authorized repair service won't work on them.  Other repair shops do not have factory trained techs and genuine Canon parts.  The other thing is that all of these stores charge shipping based upon the cost—not the weight.  Most were charging $25 - $40.

So I did what I have done many times before, I ordered from B&H Photo.  It cost me $35 more.  Big deal.  My camera will be here in two or three days.  Their shipping is based upon weight.  It came to $12 and included insurance.
I have ordered from both of these stores for 35 years.  They are still in business.  They must be doing something right.  They both advertised the same price for the camera.

If you want to read some "horror stories", go to and search for any camera and read the reviews at the right under the "Merchant Rating."

I prefer to order from stores that advertise in Popular Photography magazine.  They are required to follow a prescribed "Code of Ethics."  This includes telling you if the item carries a USA warranty.  In the Feb. [2002] issue this code is described on page 76.  Information on "GREY Market" goods is included on page 75.

This month they test the Nikon Coolpix 885/995 cameras.  It is worth reading.  


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