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Bill Popejoy

Epson Printers

Bill Popejoy, CUGG

March 2002

Epson Printers & Non-Epson Ink  
I have been using my Epson Stylus Photo 750 printer for over two years now and I still get great prints.  In a fit of stupidity I bought some non-Epson ink.  I get great text when the black print head is not clogged.  I get great color photos when the black print head is not clogged.  Some days I have to clean the print heads two or three times.  So I will never again buy non-Epson ink.  The color heads never have clogged?  Butch Kramer who buys ink for the Club bought a non-Epson color cartridge for the Epson Stylus Photo 870 printer.  I gave up after cleaning the print heads eight times and tossed it.

We have a saying in our family:  "If you can afford to play golf, you can afford to buy golf balls."

I have recommended to many that if one wants to get the best possible prints of color photographs, buy an Epson printer that has the word, "Photo" in the name.  If you like HP printers look at the ones with "PhotoSmart" in the name.  
The March, 2002 edition of Consumer Reports came today.  In it they report on tests of inkjet printers.  A new printer from Epson—the Stylus Color C80—came in second behind a Canon printer.  The C80 is a remarkable printer that is fast and prints excellent Color Prints.  Look for ads in the Sunday paper.  Everybody has it.  I have seen 8" by 10"  prints from it and they are excellent.  A HP PhotoSmart came in fourth.  The costs for printing an 8" by 10" color photo ranged from a low of 70 cents for an Epson printer to a high of $2.40 for a Canon printer.  The time to print an 8" by 10" ranged from two to fourteen minutes.  Pick up a copy of this magazine or look at it in the Green Valley Library.

If you want more info on Epson printers, go to, HP at and Canon at  Forget the Lexmark printers.

The *BEST* Ink-Jet Printer  

If you are using a fairly new Epson Stylus Photo printer and a digital camera, try setting your printer by using "Photo Enhance" with the "Digital Camera" setting.  (Look in the table of contents of your instruction book for "Using Photo Enhance".)
I am often asked to recommend a printer.  If you want the best quality possible and prints that will last 50 years or longer, there is no choice.  EPSON STYLUS PHOTO printers.  They are the only ones that use archival ink.  All the others will show fading in about ten years.  More on this later.  Go to  And while you are there look at the Epson Stylus Color 80.  This is the printer for everyone else.

P.S. I do not own stock in Epson!!!


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