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Don Wiegel

Finding a Good Digital Camera Value

Don Wiegel, CUGG

November 2006

Recently, a friend asked me to suggest a few good digital cameras in the $200 range. Afterwards, he asked how I arrived at those options, and I realized it might be helpful to write about the steps I took.

I began by looking for web sites that review digital cameras regularly.  I searched for “digital camera reviews” in my favorite search engine. Several of the useful results included Digital Camera News and Reviews, CNET Reviews, and PC Magazine. These sites were useful because they regularly review cameras and allow you to sort reviews by top ratings and editors choices. Another helpful feature of these sites are pricing information from several web retailers so that you can begin to narrow down you options by comparing “highly rated” vs. “price”.

After creating a short list of 10 highly rated cameras in the right price range, I further narrowed the list by looking for preferable features such as image stabilization, highest optical zoom (ignore digital zoom) memory card type, and screen size.

Finally, I read multiple reviews from several of the review sites to determine the 3 camera short list that was given to my friend.  Links to the reviews were included so that he may make the final choice.

The steps in this practical guide would also apply to other electronics such as digital video cameras, computers, and digital music players.



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