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Eric Moore

Google Tip:  Text-Messaging

Eric Moore, CUGG

September 8, 2007

Thanks to a handy new service provided by Google, you need not be at a computer to find the information you need when on the go.  In fact, you don’t even need a PDA or phone with Internet access.  By simply sending a text message to GOOGL (46645), you can find a word definition, find a place to eat, read the local weather report, get directions, view maps, check your stocks, find a good movie, translate a foreign word, and even keep on top of your favorite sports team.  A complete list of services is provided on the Google SMS site.

For example, say you need the definition for octothorp (left as an exercise for the reader).  All you need to do is to send the message define octothorp to 46645.  Within a minute you should receive a response back with the definition.  As each text message is limited to 160 characters, a response may be broken up as two or more messages, so be sure to read the entire response from Google.

Finding sushi in Milliken, CO, is as simple as sending the message sushi Milliken, CO.  If you know the zip code of the city, you can simple send sushi 80543.

Getting the score for the latest Broncos game is as simple as sending the message score Broncos.

Converting U.S. dollars to Japanese yen is as simple as sending the message 1 usd in yen.

Translating frog into French is as simple as sending the message translate frog in French.

Converting firkins to liters is as simple as sending the message 1 firkin in liters.

I should warn the reader that the use of this service is potentially addictive.  I cannot be held responsible for outrageous text-messaging bills you may rack up as a result of playing with this service.


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