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Eric Moore

CUGG Website Redesign

Eric Moore, CUGG

February 10, 2007

I have nearly finished work on overhauling the design of the CUGG website.  My aim was to create a site that was more attractive but not busy, while keeping the simplicity of navigating between the various sections.

To this end, I have redesigned each page so the links to the various sections are listed as a horizontal navigation bar.  Each section has its own distinctive page that includes (or will include) an identifying picture just below the navigation bar and a brief explanation of what it’s about.  A few sections such as the members e-mail list and governance are lacking pictures, as I have not yet found ones that I like.

The default background color of each link in the navigation bar is dark blue.  As you visit each section, you will see that the background color of the section’s link changes from dark blue to more of a sky blue.  This is to serve as a visual aid as to which section you are currently viewing.  Most sections have retained much of their original layout, but I have redesigned some in hopes of making them easier to navigate.

On the home page you will see notices about the upcoming meetings.  The location of each meeting is linked to a Google search that will bring up a street map showing where the meeting place is located.  I have also added photographs that I took at the December meeting.  Depending on time and the availability of good photographs, I may update these on a semi-regular basis.

The articles and review pages now includes authors’ names as well as the article titles.  I may also add quick summaries of each article and review at a later time.

I rearranged the presentations page so users may find a particular presentation by topic or by the name of the presenter.

I added a new tips and tricks section that features articles with information on how to perform specific tasks with Windows and Windows applications.

I hope you find our site easy to use as well as attractive.  I appreciate any comments or feedback you would like to share.  I would also like to hear from you if you wish to contribute any material of your own to our website.

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