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Eric Moore

Website Update

Eric Moore, CUGG

June 9, 2007

Notes on Past Presentations

Thanks to our ever dependable program coordinator, Jim Conant, the CUGG web site now offers a new service.  If you missed a previous meeting or did not catch something of interest in a particular presentation, you can now visit the meetings section to download copies of notes taken by Jim Conant.  His notes cover key points of every presentation (including Don’s popular Gadgets Corner) and links to relevant web sites where you can find more information and/or download highlighted applications.  Jim will also go over his notes at each CUGG meeting.  If you still have questions, please feel free to ask at the next meeting or post them on the CUGG mailing list.


Graphical Content

While Don’s Random Access newsletter is designed to be a multimedia-rich experience, the other areas of the CUGG web site are designed to be less bandwidth intensive so that members can readily find what they need.  Nonetheless, I have added some pictures to spruce up the various pages while hopefully not slowing down the members’ experience.  For each article and product review, I will include a picture of the author.  I hope everyone agrees that adding the authors’ pictures adds more character to the web site as well as helping new members become acquainted with who’s who in CUGG.


Member Articles

I have expanded the selection of articles considerably during the past month.  You will now find a few dozen articles written for past issues of Random Access.  I regret that the selection is rather lopsided, as most of the posted articles are written by me.  This is not the result of narcissism, but the fact that I only have a limited number of articles written by other members.  I will endeavor to improve upon the selection in the coming months as I comb past issues of Random Access.  If anyone has copies of articles they have written in the past and think would be of interest and others, I encourage you to send them to me (you will find my e-mail address under the Members section).  In addition to the article’s content, please let me know when the article was published.


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