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Tina Ektermanis

Tina's Tidbits:  Transferring Your Favorites and Cookies

Tina Ektermanis, CUGG

November 11, 2006

If a New Computer is Under the Tree for Christmas, don't forget the cookies!

In the process of helping a friend transfer files over to a new computer recently, I learned that it is relatively easy to bring your Favorites and Cookies along, too, without a lot of hassle!

Your Favorites list contains all of the websites you've actively collected and placed in there, during your web travels.

Your Cookies are those little nuggets of information, as a convenience, that allow your username to already be filled in on certain websites, for instance, among other web uses.

If you use Internet Explorer as your web browser, go to the File menu, and then to the Import and Export submenu.

Follow the directions, in the Import and Export Wizard, for exporting your favorites and cookies, and they'll end up in your My Documents folder, as cookies.txt and bookmarks.htm.

Once the files in your My Documents folder have been copied to the new computer, go into Internet Explorer on the new machine.

Go to the File menu, and then to Import and Export. With the Import and Export Wizard, The program will automatically look in the My Documents folder for the relevant files.

Poof!!! There they are!

Your web-surfing adventures on your new computer should now be as they have been on your old system!

Techie Note:
I first tried directly copying the Cookies folder, located in the particular user data folder within Documents and Settings, and for whatever reason, it gave me an error. So, I figured that the above directions seem a lot more user-friendly in the first place, :)

Happy Surfing, and enjoy the upcoming holiday season!

Tina E
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