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Tina Ektermanis

Shop the Various Aisles at King Soopers...from the Comfort of Your Friendly Computer!

Tina Ektermanis, CUGG

May 12, 2007

Surf over to:  Choose the Home Shop link.  Enter your street address and zip code, and off you go to create an account!

Note that you are redirected to the Kroger website, but this is the company of which King Soopers is a part.

For all online orders, which are paid by credit/debit card, there is a $9.95 delivery fee, in addition to the final totaled price of groceries and tax.

Here in Greeley, most home shopping orders are filled and delivered from the King Soopers on 35th Avenue, at the Westlake shopping center.

If you have a King Soopers card for savings and specials, input the number when requested.  If you don't have one, it will ask you to sign up for one.  Even though this will mean that you'll receive the card in the mail in several days, you are instantly able to use it during the ordering process.

One important decision to make while ordering online is whether or not to allow substitutions.  If you check the option that says substitutions are allowed, this means that an alternate brand or size might be included in your order, if they don't have an exact item in stock.  If you choose not to allow substitutions, you are given an opportunity to specify preferences for individual items as you see it.

If they don't have that specific item, it will not be included in the final order (and of course you won't be charged for it).

I prefer the option to not allow substitutions, but then I can be fairly descriptive in the criteria I add.  For instance, I can say:

"If 5-pound bag of baking potatoes is not available, please substitute with a ten pound bag, any brand, as long as the price doesn't exceed $7.50."  Or, "If lemon flavor of Yoplait yogurt isn't available, please substitute peach or raspberry."

For me, the longest part of the ordering process is developing an initial shopping list, (which is saved right along with other user information).  You can name your list, or make several, and can more quickly select items from these lists during future visits.  To find an individual item, there are several layers to go through: the aisle name, category, subcategory, brand, and so on.  You can also choose to view weekly specials only, but then again you must sift through the various layers to find what you're looking for.

Once the items are in your cart, and you decide to Checkout, you are asked to provide your payment information, and then you can choose an open delivery window, usually a four-hour time block when your order should arrive.  If you order early in the morning, you might even be able to have your groceries delivered late that evening, if that time block is still open. Otherwise, choose a window when you know someone will be home to receive the order.  When your delivery arrives, you then sign for it, thereby accepting the final total charges for the items as they rang up at the store, plus the delivery fee.  Note that this might be different from the total shown on the web, depending upon your substitution preferences, items that might have been out of stock, etc.

Happy grocery shopping online!


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