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The Newsletter of the Computer Users Group of Greeley Colorado
Issue 28-01
We are located in Beautiful Greeley, Colorado .. just East of the Famous ROCKY MOUNTAINS JANUARY 10
Dear CUGGers,   Our regular Second-Saturday  meeting is coming up this Saturday, same time same place 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm Classroom 2  Greeley Senior Activity Center, 1010 6th Street, Greeley. The West Parking lot is FREE on Saturdays
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President’s Corner
The Random Access
I was lucky when my Windows 7 computer wouldn't boot one day. Lucky that is because, it was not my primary computer. I do most of my work--reading email, composing articles for CUGG, maintaining my finances, surfing the Internet--on my laptop, so there weren't any critical files that I could lose. I am always concerned about losing important data, so I regularly back up my important files from my laptop to an external hard drive using a free Microsoft program called SyncToy. SyncToy is not a backup utility as such, but is useful for the purpose of copying folders and files between two drives. The two folders to be used in a SyncToy task are referred to as "left" and "right." Different copy actions are available in SyncToy: Synchronize: All changes including file renames and deletions are mirrored between the two folders. The end result is that the two folders are identical after running SyncToy.   Echo: All changes including file renames and deletions are replicated from the left folder to the right folder, but changes in the right folder are not replicated in the left folder.   Contribute: Any file changes and renames are replicated from the left folder to the right folder, but file deletions are not replicated. I primarily use the Echo option to copy my documents to my external hard drive. It is quick and easy to do, and it protects me against data loss should my laptop crash or the hard drive ceases operating. Admittedly, there are two things I have not been good about for a few years. The first is to ensure I have multiple backups of my important files. Making multiple copies of the same backup on different media is important in case one device, whether an external hard drive, flash drive, CD, or DVD should fail. Every storage device will eventually fail, so it is best not to rely on only one. Regularly testing your backups, to ensure you can copy the data from them back to your computer, is also important. If a device is failing, then the sooner you copy your data to a new device, the better. In my case, I have another external hard drive to which I should regularly copy my laptop backup. This would better protect me in the event that my primary backup drive should fail. The second important thing about backups is to ensure at least one copy is stored off-site. What this means, that in the event of fire, flood, or burglary, it is important to store at least one backup of your data at another location. Possible off-site locations include your office, a safe deposit box, or an online backup service such as Carbonite, Dropbox, and Mozy. Online backups services are useful if you have a fairly small quantity of data to back up, or if you have high-speed Internet. They also don't require that you leave home to back up your data. They may be risky, though, for a few reasons: If the backup service should go out of business, will you lose your data? Can you be certain that your data is encrypted to ensure the vendor, hackers, and government snoops cannot access your secrets? Will the vendor be able to help if something goes wrong, say if your backup becomes corrupted? I do not have any experiences with online backup services, so I do not have any particular recommendations as to which are safe and trustworthy. However, you may find useful reviews of different services on websites such as and Your friends, family, and fellow members with CUGG many also be of help in giving you recommendations. One other important consideration is regularity. The more often your files are backed up, the safer you will be. A good backup program/service should have an option to be scheduled to run regularly, so as to eliminate the human error factor (forgetfulness) that can prevent your data from being backed up at regular intervals. A number of presentations on backups have been given by CUGG members in the past. You will find links to useful files on the CUGG Presentations page, under the section heading Backups and Data Recovery. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask at one of our meetings, at Don Wiegel's monthly SIG, or by sending an email to our members email group. Now that I've written this article, I need to back it up.  :-)
Eric Moore
Presenterís Page
We will RECORD most meetings in AUDIO (Stereo) & Sometimes VIDEO. They will be posted to this page after the meeting or the Following Month. This is an experiment .. If you-all want this to continue Please send an email
GADGETS from the December Meeting
APCUG Articles    Our Users Group belongs to this National association. User Groups Newsletter Sites
R A M B L I N G S   By Jack Fischer, Director/Communications, The Computer Club, Inc., Florida March 2014 issue, The Journal jafischer (at) My nomination for the “Invention of the Century” is Caller ID. I know of nothing as empowering as looking at that TV or device-screen and deciding whether to answer the phone, or just let it ring!   It must be frustrating to those trying to sell me an Air Conditioner or a Security Alarm or whatever, but it certainly feels good from my side. I figure if it is someone who really needs, or wants, to get in touch with me, they will leave a message on my answering machine. If they merely hang up, it suggests that I don’t need whatever it is they are offering.   Telephones have certainly changed. Remember the black, Western Electric instrument, where the phone company charged extra if we had more than one.   Today, it seems that everyone, from the President’s encrypted Blackberry to my neighbor who hangs one on a string around his neck, has one of those that communicates, takes pictures, plays music and apparently protects us from Global Warming.   Not me, of course. I have an old rudimentary one that I keep in the car to call AAA when I run out of gas, or from the cellphone lot when meeting someone at the airport.   Happy Computing, Jack Twitter for Seniors By Larry McJunkin The Retired Geek Technical Tips for the Non-Technical “Over 50” Crowd You’ve never used Twitter. You say you’re too old for Twitter…it’s only for kids, and you could care less about reading what Lady Gaga had for lunch today. So obviously, Twitter is not for you. Wrong! If these are your thoughts about Twitter, I can say with authority that Twitter is not what you think. Twitter does not exist to tell you what a celebrity had for lunch, or what the thoughts are of the singer who was just voted this year’s American Idol (though they might tweet this information). Twitter is a handy way to break news, share knowledge, and refer people to longer forms of communication. Here’s some great examples of how I use Twitter. Where we live, in Tellico Village (a golfing and boating community in East Tennessee), the demographic is very much retired and very much over the age of 60, and some of the most important information we receive each day comes via Twitter. Updates from our three golf courses regarding whether carts are on the path or not; what the flag positions are; are any holes under repair; status of last night’s storm damage…and the list goes on. The golf course superintendents post these tweets very early in the morning so the hundreds of golfers here know what to expect as they start their day on the links. Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters displayed on the author’s profile page and delivered to the followers. That’s why information on Twitter is short, to the point and effective. More than half the people I talk to about Twitter think they have to have a smartphone to use it. Not so! You can access Twitter via Web, Desktop Applications and smartphones. It costs nothing to use and it’s just one more social media source, like Facebook, that you won’t know how much you needed it until you try it. Twitter also has a built-in function for you to befriend and track the messages of other users. This is a simple way for you connect with like-minded people outside of your usual circle. A Twitter association can be developed into a long term acquaintance (if you desire). If you do happen to have some famous folks you like (singers, actors, golfers, etc.), Twitter is a wonderful way to unobtrusively follow what they’re up to. One of my personal favorites is Brandt Snedeker, the professional golfer from Nashville. His life is comedy of tweets that make me laugh almost every day. Recently, he’s been trying to figure out how to win a war with raccoons and his garbage can…and so far the raccoons are winning! As an individual, you have a variety of interests that a single newspaper or magazine can’t cover. With Twitter you create your own personal newsfeed. You can get small bites information on local events, celebrities, politicians, hobbies or interests, your favorite news sites, etc. Much like you read a newspaper by scanning the headlines, on Twitter you can see short headlines describing an article and you can decide if you want to click on the link to read the rest of the story. News is published on Twitter the instant it happens and if something big happens you’ll likely find out when someone you follow tweets about it. In fact, Twitter became more widely known after a user tweeted a link to a picture of the US Airways plane that successfully landed in the Hudson River. Unlike traditional media where it is a one-way medium, you can be involved in Twitter. You can re- broadcast (re-tweet) the information you find valuable. You can comment on issues and share your own views (within the 140-character constraint, of course). You can quickly and directly contact local politicians, celebrities and other people you don’t know. You don’t have to find out their address and compose a lengthy message, you can instantly let them know your opinion. These are people you will probably never meet in real life but now you can get daily updates on their lives and their interests. Public figures tend to have hundreds of thousands, if not millions of followers and they may not respond to a tweet, but they often do read their (most important) messages because a 140 character tweet is easier to read quickly than a lengthy e-mail. Celebrities usually have an aide sift through tweets and pass on only the ones they think are worth reading. You can also use Twitter to quickly inform friends and family about your daily life. You can tweet about things that aren’t important enough for an e-mail but something you would mention to your friends if you bumped into them. You can also keep track of what they are up to by following them (if they’re on Twitter, of course). You may also connect with other people with similar interests and strike-up an online friendship. In any event, much like Facebook or Skype, don’t be afraid to give Twitter a try.  It’s free, nothing tracks you or your actions, and you might just find that it’s fun! If it isn’t for you…that’s what the DELETE key is for.
The Month That Was 
December Meeting
Special Interest Group 
Wednesday     3rd WEEK of this MONTH
Computer User’s 101
6pm - 8:30pm Your Questions & Answers
We meet Wednesday this month at 6:00 pm at the Greeley Senior Center, 1010 6th Street.
Hosted by: Don Wiegel
I will be here at 6 pm .. Bring your Cameras and Manuals and I will explain the CONTROLS and how to use them. Anything about Digital Photography .. The Internet .. How to Use YOUR Digital DEVICES. Location:  Senior Activity Center  (Same room as the Monthly meeting) Hosted by: Don Wiegel Don brings his Ultrabook Win8.1 (64) 4-Core Laptop, his iPod 64G, and  his SAMSUNG G4 Smartphone  to this event. He will answer questions on how he uses these devices, and will demonstrate, by Request, any of the “MANY” programs he has installed on his computer. Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 .. AudaCity 1.3 Beta .. MAGIX Music Maker 17 .. MS Auto Collage Maker .. SmartDraw VP .. ACDSee Pro 7 .. Lauyn TOWeb Xara Designer Pro 10 ... Dynamic Auto-Painter .. MAGIX PhotoStory Pinnacle Studio 14 .. Pictures to Exe .. Many Others 2 1/2 Hours of: Your Questions and My Answers This is the time & place to ask those questions that don't get asked in larger group events. The focus is the new beginner to the advanced beginner  .. We usually have a lot of fun while learning .. I will also answer most of your Questions, usually with DEMOs  (Time Permitting).
ANDROID  -  Operating System
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Donald E. Wiegel
I have decided to start a new page devoted to the Google Android products. I own a Android phone and NEXUS 10 tablet. I will outline my experiences with this system. Lets get started ....  
Garfield Daily
ColorNote Notepad Notes
Google Drive
VIDEOS on the WWWeb
The Random Access
The Random Access
by Mr. Gadget C O O L  GADGETS of the Month
Hi .. I'm the Publisher of this newsletter .. Also known as "Mr. GADGET". Each Month I go to the ENDs of the Internet to find *GADGETS* for the 20 minute presentation at the monthly meeting.  Below are this MONTHS picks .. Just “CLICK” on most of the pictures to go to the SOURCE.       ..... This is a *FUN* few minutes .....
Just FOR the FUN-OF-IT

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Newsletter The Random Access newsletter is published monthly on CUGG's website. The content consists of original reviews, advice, viewpoints, and other material written by CUGG members. We encourage members to contribute whenever possible for the benefit of members and the public. As you can see from the Sign to the right .. The Instructions, even though technically right, can be confusing.  This groups main mission is to provide clarification. Which comes first .. The Horse .. Or the Cart ??? .
The Random Access
City of Greeley
The City of Greeley is a Home Rule Municipality that is the county seat and the most populous city of Weld County, Colorado, United States.. Greeley is situated 50 miles North of the Colorado State Capitol in Denver. It is known as the 50 mile city, as it is also:   50 miles from the capital of Wyoming (Cheyenne). The only City in the USA to be 50 miles from TWO State Capitals. •  50 miles from Estes Park in the Rocky Mountain National Forest. •  50 miles from Fort Morgan, the last of the plains cities on the prairie. The majority of the state is dominated by the mountain ranges and range lands of the Rocky Mountain West, while the Eastern most section of the state includes part of a high altitude prairie region known as the High Plains. According to 2006 Census Bureau estimates, the population of the city is 87,596.  Greeley is the 12th most populous city in the State of Colorado and the most populous city of Weld County .
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