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Bill Popejoy

Genealogy and Computers

Bill Popejoy, CUGG

November 2000

If you are thinking of purchasing a new computer, be certain that it has a USB (Universal Serial Bus) port. USB is state of the art! When purchasing a scanner and/or printer buy one that uses the USB port. Several devices can be connected to one USB port.

You will most certainly want to insert photos into your genealogy. Purchase an ink-jet printer that is "Photo Quality." There is no reason to spend over $100 to $150 for a flatbed scanner. Buy a 17" monitor! It will cost a little more but the reduction in eyestrain will make it worth it.


Genealogy Software (Programs)

Each of the following software packages sells for less than $60. However, you can get several CDs with family trees for an additional amount. (1) PAF (Personal Ancestral File). The Mormon Church had made this software available for many years. The 4.0 version for Windows may be downloaded from the church's internet site, without cost, WWW.FAMILYSEARCH.ORG. (2) AQ (Ancestral Quest) uses the PAF database. It is very easy to convert from PAF to AQ. It is very easy to insert photos. Order at 1-801-816-1942 or online at (3) FTM (Family Tree Maker) by Brøderbund (now the Learning Company) claims to be selling 80% of the genealogy software. It is very easy to insert photos. Purchase from several local outlets or order online at WWW.FAMILYTREEMAKER.COM. (4) Ultimate Family Tree by Palladium Interactive. For years, Roots IV and Roots V was the industry standard, used by most professionals. Now there is Ultimate Family Tree. This software will run on Windows 98 or later.


My Recommendations

There is other software. For information on all genealogy software go to WWW.CYNDISLIST.COM and scroll down to "Software & Computers." If you have been using PAF, consider getting the latest version at



In addition to the resources mentioned in Bill's article, you can get assistance at your local library. The Centennial Park Branch library has computers dedicated to genealogy research. Volunteers from the Weld County Genealogy Society are on hand to assist patrons with their research. Days and times vary, so be sure to check with the information desk at 970-506-8614 before your visit.


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