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James Wiegel

Freebyte Backup

James Wiegel

July 2007

We’re always after you to BACKUP YOUR FILES.

However, I’ll be the first to admit that I tend to avoid the task. There are usually enough logistics involved to put backups on tomorrow’s to-do list indefinitely.

One reason I've never liked doing backups is because the files are usually stored in a compressed and proprietary format, making them more of an “archive” than a backup. But I want easy access to the files, especially if my computer crashes and I need to access them from another system (which has happened).

Freebyte Backup is an incredibly easy and simple backup program to use. It copies the files to the specified location AS FILES. You can set it to only copy those files which have changed since the last backup (using the archive property on each file).

You can create multiple backup profiles to copy the same data to different destinations, or filter though specific sources or file types to consolidate specific data on your backup drive.

I store everything I do in the “My Documents” folder, and perform an incremental backup, clearing the windows "archive" file attribute, and copying files only if they are more recent. I've had no problems with this method…and if I delete whole directories from “My Documents” I can go to my backup USB drive and find everything there, because it is never deleted by the backup program even though it’s deleted from my computer.

Once a year I should make a DVD backup of my backup because I have lost files due to a corrupted backup drive before.

Please give Freebyte Backup a try, and ask me questions if you have any.

Freebyte Backup program interface


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