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Nancy and Duane Swope

Apple 80GB iPod Video

Duane and Nancy Swope, CUGG

June 9, 2007

We just bought an 80 gigabyte Apple iPod (  We had bought a 30 gigabyte iPod recently but ended up giving it to our son to take on his trip to Italy. I had put podcasts, photos, and audio books etc on it so they could use it on the long flight to Italy.

It was so much fun that we decided we wanted to get one also.  We bought the bigger size as we have more pictures. It's great to always have our pictures with us to show people. Since it works with iTunes we have been learning all about how that program works.  I have found a site that has lots of podcasts by my favorite book authors and have set it up to download them automatically when they are available.

I am anxious to learn how we can put some of our movies on it also.  It's a real entertainment center in a little case about the size of a deck of cards.

We are in the process of putting all of our CD's on it now.  There are so many things available for the iPod now such as a radio, speaker systems.

We bought a Monster Cable FM car adapter for it so we can listen to it in the also charges the iPod. The problem we did find is how easy the Apple iPod scratches so a case of some kind is needed. The iPod has great sound and so easy to update it by connecting to your computer.........only takes a few minutes to do it each time.

Through iTunes you can put on free podcast videos such as National Geographic programs. We have not set up an account yet with iTunes. They sell separate tunes for 99 cents and albums for $9.99 ..........that is cheaper than buying them in the store. I also found free audio books to download to the iPod. You can buy movies for about $12.99 through the iTunes store.

I don't think I want to try to watch a movie on such a small screen though. We just recently had seen a combination DVD player with iPod connection and a 7-inch screen. We think that would be the way to go if you want to watch many movies.

One advantage of the iPod is that there is an adapter ( that connects to your digital camera and you can transfer the pictures over to it for storage.........would be great for trips. That is one reason we bought the bigger 80 gigabyte iPod in case we wanted to use it that way.

Pros: Great way to carry your favorite digital pictures with you.......all your favorite music, podcasts etc. If you are stuck somewhere sitting and waiting just get out your iPod for entertainment to pass the time. The digital camera adapter is a top reason for buying the larger size (80 gig) if you travel and need a storage place for all your digital photos. The iPod is so small it would be great on a trip along with your digital camera for the storage. The iTunes program works well after you learn your way around it. You do not have to set up an account to use it........only if you want to buy tunes.  There are gift cards for the iTunes in a lot of stores so you would not have to put your credit card on line.

Con: Easily damaged (scratched).You might want to buy an extended warranty on this item. Some people complain about the battery life.........we don't know about that yet but can say our daughter has had one for a long time with no problems at all.  You only get the iPod, ear phones and a slim little case in the box.  If you are not at your computer and want to listen to the iPod then you need some kind of radio or to be able to hook it up to your stereo system which requires more cables.  You will need an adapter for your car to listen to it there......Monster Cable FM adapter was recommended to us and that's what we bought.......about $49. Check around on prices on it as they vary a lot.

We do love this little gadget and we are not sorry we bought's great entertainment. We still have a lot to learn about it and what all it can do.


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