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Don Wiegel

Xitel INport Deluxe for PC

Don Wiegel, CUGG

October 13, 2007

Xitel INport Deluxe for PC

$80.00 at Circuit City
Convert tapes and LPs to CD or MP3: INport lets you record all of your vinyl records, tapes and other music from your home stereo into your computer. Archive them, turn them into MP3s, or use a CD burner to make your own CDs! INport turns your desktop or notebook into a powerful recording studio in seconds. Everything you need is in the box!

Installs in seconds: Installing is as easy as plug and play—and all necessary drivers load automatically. You’ll receive all the cables needed to start recording, including 30 feet of audio cable. INport’s advanced USB hardware bypasses your computer’s soundcard for high fidelity results. Save time and money over complex, hard to use digital recording solutions without sacrificing audio quality. It couldn't be easier to digitally save all of your valuable records and tapes!

INport comes as a complete kit:
Intuitive software makes recording into your computer an absolute breeze. Watch as levels are automatically set and tracks are divided into individual songs. INport also runs with all Windows® compatible recording and editing software, so you can use your own favorite programs at any time. INport Deluxe includes powerful Wave Corrector™ software that automatically removes unwanted pops and clicks in one simple step without affecting the fidelity of your music!

Powerful hardware:
The high-grade components have been carefully selected to provide an exceptionally pure and dynamic signal. From gold plated terminals through to fully customized digital processing, INport has been built to exacting standards. And all music is recorded from your stereo as an optimum signal and sent digitally to your computer for the ultimate in fidelity. INport features technology and design found in pro studio equipment. That’s what gives it the ability to turn your computer into a powerful recording device!

Audio cable included:
The included 30-foot, high-definition audio cable features gold-plated jacks for superior conductivity. This cable has been specifically matched with the input characteristics of INport Deluxe for a no-compromise solution in joining your computer to your home stereo. Nothing sounds better!

System requirements:

Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP
Pentium® 300MHz processor or equivalent
32MB of RAM
CD-ROM drive
Built-in USB port

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